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Premium Reseller - What are 'Dedicated' and 'Semi-Dedicated' plans?

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Our Premium Reseller Hosting comes in two forms - Semi-Dedicated and Dedicated.


Our Semi-Dedicated plans are hosted on shared cloud servers, however, they are far less contented with significantly fewer clients/resellers than a typical reseller hosting platform.

The resources purchased on a semi-dedicated plan are available on a 'dedicated' basis to the reseller, in that we will never 'oversell' the server so extensively that the resources aren't available at any given time. Our Premium Cloud infrastructure can be scaled up or down at any given time, as and when required. 

A semi-dedicated plan may be hosted on a server whereby there are other resellers/accounts. As such, they are slightly more restrictive, in that they cannot be 'customised' or 'tailored' to specific requirements. 


Our Dedicated plans are hosted on true-cloud infrastructure, with a cloud server of your own, entirely isolating you away from other resellers. 

However, unlike a VPS, our Premium Reseller Dedicated instances will be fully managed and monitored and come pre-installed with all of the required licences and software needed to run your hosting business.

We do not provide root access to either of the above, however, you will have a very unrestricted level of access through WHM whereby you can manage your accounts. For root access, you would need to consider our VPS servers or dedicated servers. The reason the solutions do not come with root access is due to the fact that the servers are fully managed, including updates and patches. 

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