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Brixly Workspace - How do I forward all domains from an Alias Domain, to the Primary Domain?

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The Brixly Workspace is purchased on a per-domain basis, with the ability to host mail under a single domain. However, you are able to add additional 'alias' addresses to the account.

We have an article on how to add Domain Aliases here

Once you have added an Alias Domain, you may wish to forward all emails that come in through the alias domain, to the equivalent mailbox of your primary domain.

For example, if we had '' as the 'primary domain', we may wish to forward all requests from the .com equivalent to the primary, 

To do this, you can set up an 'Email Domain Forwarder'...

Click on 'Services -> My Services' and select the appropriate service.
Once you have selected the service, you will see a screen similar to the following...
To add a new Email Forwarder, scroll down and click 'Email Forwarders'...

Next, click the 'Email Domain Forwarder' tab located here, and click 'Create Domain Forwarder'...


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