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Elite / Domain Module - WHMCS local API error: Invalid Payment Method

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If you receive the following error when using either our Elite module or our Domain Reseller module, then you will need to set a 'Default Payment Method' against your profile with us...

{"response":{"error":"WHMCS local API error: Invalid Payment Method. Valid options include banktransfer,gocardless,paypal,paypalcheckout,stripe,worldpayfuturepay"},"message_base":"productOrder"}

Please note, the payment method will not be used for capturing payments for the modules (as the credit balance will be used). However, the payment method is a 'pre-requisite' of the module, and is required as a fallback, should we have any issues with billing via the credit balance.

How do I set my default payment method?

To set your default payment method, select your name from the top-right of our client area, and select 'Account Details' 

From here, you will need to update the 'default payment method' field to your preferred payment method.


IMPORTANT: This will set all of your active services to use this payment method moving forward. If you paid with PayPal previously and set this to anything other than PayPal, you will need to cancel your PayPal subscriptions manually from within the PayPal interface. 

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