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How do I publish DMARC records on my cPanel domain?

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1. Log in to cPanel
Go to your cPanel portal, sign in to access your dashboard.

2. Locate your domain

Go to the “Domains” section and click on DNS Zone Editor:


Click on the Manage button for your desired domain:


3. Create the record entry

Type: TXT
TXT Value/Data: DMARC record value created using your account’s setup wizard or PowerToolbox
TTL: 1 hour or keep the default value

Alternatively, you can create a DMARC record for your domain, for free, using the 'powerdmarc' generator - DMARC record generator.

Once added, click on the Add Record button.


Note: Replace with your domain name, and your RUA and RUF email addresses with valid email addresses that are active.

4. Check the published DMARC record via PowerToolbox

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