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How much email storage space is permitted on the shared or reseller plans?

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We don't impose any 'hard limits' on the storage of mailboxes, however, we do have 'fair usage policies' in place to prevent abuse. As such, its important that you spend some time reviewing the terms outlined in our fair usage policies. 

We use ultra-fast NVMe storage on our servers, which is fantastic for drastically improved performance of your websites. However, email mailboxes can get incredibly large, and unfortunately are not segmented to separate storage (a limitation of the control panel software we use). In addition, large storage mailboxes have by far, the biggest impact on backup performance and reliability. 

As such, we have imposed the following terms in relation to email storage...

  • A maximum of 10GB per mailbox
  • A combined maximum of 30GB per cPanel or DirectAdmin user
  • You must not use the email service for 'archiving' historical email data

Any account in breach of these terms may have email data removed, although we will make every effort to communicate that with you via an abuse case beforehand. 

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