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How to install the R1Soft Backup Agent

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If you have purchased the R1Soft backup solution through Brixly, you will be able to access the R1Soft control panel via our client area.

To login to R1Soft, login to our client area and navigate to Services -> My Services -> R1Soft Backups

From this screen, there will be an option to ‘Login to Control Panel’, which will log you in directly to the R1Soft interface…


The amount of backup storage available will also be listed at the bottom, under ‘Configurable Options’.

When you login, you will be redirected to the backup server where your backups are located. For example…

You must make a note of this URL, as it is required when installing the backup agent to your server.

Installing the Agent on CentOS:

To install the backup agent to a Linux server, we have written a small script to help with the installation process. You must run the following on your server via SSH as root…

mkdir -p /scripts/; wget -O /scripts/; chmod 655 /scripts/; bash /scripts/

You must then run the following in order to allow authentication to the backup server…

r1soft-setup --get-key URL_OF_BACKUP_SERVER

For example…

r1soft-setup --get-key

Installing the Backup Agent on other Operating Systems:

For Linux Operating Systems:

For Windows Operating Systems:

Configuring the Backup Policy:

The backup policy, and the schedule of the backups can be managed through the R1Soft interface directly.

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