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Migration Center - How to migrate emails from Gmail

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1. The first step is to create the email account you wish to migrate this too if not already created, this can be created in cPanel or DirectAdmin.

2. The second step is to open Migration Centre - Email Migration - Enter the login details for the Email account you want to migrate from and then enter the credentials for the email account you want to migrate to. In this case your provider should be set to Gmail and then click Begin Migration

3. When selecting the 'Begin Migration' option, we now carry out a test against both the source and destination servers to ensure the connection details are valid before proceeding with your migration. You should green ticks on the right side of each and click 'Start Migration'

4. After starting the process, the migration will start copying emails over to our server, you can view the logs to confirm when this is completed. With access to your Transfer ID and Logs. You should view your logs to see if there are any errors by clicking on 'View Log'.


5. When viewing the log. If anything fails to connect or the process does not complete, you will see red highlighting against the error.

6. Once the migration is complete, you can then resync your emails to requeue the migration. This process will not duplicate your emails rather than simply resyncing your emails from your old provider.


7. Now you can confirm the resync by clicking on 'Resync Mailbox'. Please note the time of the process depends on the number of emails you have, the resync is a background process so can you leave it running.

That's it. You're done!

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