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Resource Boost - Overview

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We introduced a feature to our resellers, which allows you to 'Boost' the resources of an individual account under your cPanel reseller.

This is ideal, for those particular sites which require more resources than our 'default' limits (such as WooCommerce or e-commerce sites), or for sites which are expecting large bursts of traffic over a short or longtime period. 

The Resource Boost doubles the RAM, CPU and Entry Processes for any individual account for a minimum duration of 1 month for £4.95/m and remains active until cancelled from our client area. 

Please note, the Resource Boost doesn't apply to all accounts under the reseller service and is only applicable on a per-account basis. 

The Resource Boost is available from our client area, by navigating to the Reseller Service from our client area. At the bottom of this page, you will see the following...


Selecting an account from the dropdown list, then clicking 'Boost Account' will raise an order for the Resource Boost. Once processed by our orders team, the account will have double the RAM, CPU and Entry Processes available. 

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