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Restoring your account or files using JetBackup

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JetBackup5 is our powerful backup and restore tool, it allows us to take daily incremental backups of all sites stored on our servers and quickly access these from a super handy interface.

Before continuing with any Restore, we recommend taking a backup, just to be super safe! 

1) Let's fire up the JetBackup 5 module from within cPanel


2) Head over to the Restore & Download menu.

On the left-hand navigation menu click the highlighted icon. Wait a few seconds and you will be presented with the available backups of your account. 

Use the drop-down menu to select the backup you would like to restore from! 


If you would like to complete a full restore ( including cPanel preferences and Email Accounts ) then click Restore. 

If you would like to customise the Restore then follow the next point.

3) Customise the restore ( Optional )

Click "Show Advanced Settings". Wait a few seconds and a table will be presented to you. From here you can choose specifically what you would like to restore. You are able to restore the following options:

Panel Config - Your cPanel Settings and Preferences

Home Directory - All of your files and folders ( you can choose specific files )

Cron Jobs - The Crons set up to run automatically. Often used by WordPress.

DB - Your Databases 

DB Users - The users configured to interact with your Databases. If you restore a database you will also need to restore these.

Zones - Your DNS settings ( if utilised by our nameservers )

Certificates - Your SSL Certificates ( HTTPS )

Emails - All of your Email Accounts!

FTP - Your FTP users.

4) The final step :)

Your confirmation screen. Confirm the items you want to restore and click "Restore Selected Items"


If you require any assistance in restoring your account or files. Feel free to raise a Support Ticket from the Client Area.

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