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Why am I not able to send mail via my PHP script or application?

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Why use SMTP instead of PHPMail()?

By default, PHP applications will send emails using a protocol called ‘PHPMail()’, which has a number of disadvantages and in many cases leads to the email hitting the SPAM folder of the recipient. PHP mail is disabled on our servers.

When an email is sent from applications it will use an email address similar to…

In our case, this would be…

Yet, your WordPress configuration will be set to send emails from an alternative ‘prettier’ email address, such as ‘’.

The problem here is that many recipient mailboxes will recognise this as ‘spoofing’, and will indeed flag the message as SPAM.

Please note that PHPMail() is disabled by default, and SMTP should be used to relay all messages from your PHP script or application. 

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