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Brixly Central Account Manager

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Welcome to The Central Manager!

We understand the difficulty of managing a large number of accounts!

That's why we have developed the Central Account Manager, accessible through your client area.

You can find this super handy tool by heading through the client area -> Reseller Tools -> Central Account Manager on the left navigation bar. 

Or by following this link ...

Landing on the page, you will find a combined statistical overview of all your accounts and a searchable/sortable table of all your accounts.


We've crammed in loads of cool features! From this table you can:

- Navigate to an accounts Service Page
- Preview a domain using Skip DNS
- Navigate straight to any Addon/Sub domain
- View the Inode and Disk usage at a glance
- SSO straight into any of your cPanel accounts.
We also recommend keeping an eye on the Open Abuse Cases!

You can read more about this here ...

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