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Free migration service - what's included?

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Brixly offers a free migration service, which allows you to migrate from your existing hosting providers. For cPanel migrations, this process is entirely automated and can be done through our client area -> Migration Center. 

For more information on our Migration Center, click here

If you are migrating from cPanel, you are able to migrate the full account from your existing cPanel hosting provider, retaining all cPanel passwords, mailboxes, databases and files intact. 

In addition, if you have a reseller hosting service with us, you are able to move an entire reseller hosting account using your 'WHM' credentials for your existing host. The process is simple, and has been outlined on the article above. 

We are also able to provide migration services from cPanel to DirectAdmin, and vice-versa. These are instead done manually, and require you to upload backups to the accounts file manager, so we can restore them for you from our end. 

Migration from providers who use a bespoke control panel (other than DirectAdmin or cPanel), will require manual migration. 

Manual migrations are charged at £25+VAT per account and would consist of migrating the files and databases only. Migration of emails can be done using our Email Migration tools.

For WordPress, it is possible to migrate the WordPress installation using the following...

This is a process which allows you to migrate a WordPress site from a remote provider, regardless of the control panel. FTP access is required for this method to work correctly.

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