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How to sell VPS Servers via WHMCS - VPS Reseller vs Brixly Elite

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We have two methods available which allow you to sell VPS servers to your clients...

  • Brixly Elite - WHMCS Module
  • VPS Reseller - WHMCS Module / Virtualizor Interface

Brixly Elite

VPS Reseller

WHMCS Automation



WHMCS Module



Client Area Controls




Proxmox / Cloud VPS

Virtualizor / VPS




Payment Model

Pay on Purchase

Up-front Resource-Based

Packages / Plans


Scaleable / Flexible




Ease of Setup



Brixly Elite Module: 

Our Brixly Elite module was developed and released to simplify the process of selling VPS Servers, Reseller Hosting plans, Dedicated, and our Elastic Cloud. 

The Elite option is one WHMCS module that can be installed to your WHMCS, giving you the ability to sell VPS servers, reseller plans etc, without any up-front costs or charges. 

Essentially, the Brixly Elite module interacts with our API to raise orders 'on your behalf' via our own client area, on auto-pilot. This means that you are able to list our products and services on your own website without the need for payment for each of those services. 

The Brixly Elite module will allow you to add to your own products one of a list of pre-defined 'plans' for VPS servers (for example, 1 Core / 1GB RAM / 30GB SSD). These plans are pre-defined, and cannot be customized (although, we do have a wide range of plans available for you to offer your clients, of varying size/scale).

When a client purchases a service (for example, a VPS), the order will be automatically generated on our end, and the payment will be taken from your credit balance (if available). Once that order has been activated on our end, your clients will have full control over that service from your own WHMCS / client area.

Note: To gain access to the Elite Module, speak to our team today. This is provided free of charge exclusively to our reseller clients. 

VPS Reseller Platform: 

Our VPS Reseller platform has been around for many years, and also allows you to sell VPS servers to your clients on auto-pilot via a WHMCS module.

The VPS Reseller platform however works differently from a billing perspective, in that you are pre-purchasing 'resources' (RAM, CPU Cores, Storage and IP's). This is essentially your own 'cloud allocation', which you can use to provision VPS servers.

For example, you could pre-purchase 6 Cores, 12GB RAM and 200GB SSD and 5 IP addresses. Once these resources are purchased, you can then provision VPS servers within that resource allocation (up to those defined limits). You could create a number of VPS servers of completely varying scale, almost as though you were running your own hypervisor hardware.

The VPS reseller module does also comes with a separate interface, which allows you to create and manage VPS servers outside of WHMCS.

In the case of both solutions, they are equally integrated with WHMCS, and both can automate the provisioning process when clients purchase VPS. 

Please note though, that the resources must be purchased before being able to use the WHMCS module. 

Note: The VPS reseller platform is a paid service, where you purchase the resources upfront. To purchase the VPS reseller platform, click here.

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