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SpamExperts - Why have my MX records been updated?

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We have proudly introduced a fantastic upgrade to our Spam Protection for all shared accounts, resellers and premium clients - SpamExperts. This functionality replaces the pre-existing tools, MagicSPAM and SpamAssassin. 

As part of the rollout process, MX records are automatically updated to the following...

Important: MX records are only updated where the 'cPanel -> Email Routing' is set to 'Automatic' or 'Local Exchanger' - any domains using 'Remote Exchanger' will not be updated/affected. 

A number of clients raised concerns during the initial rollout period, that they were using 'external' MX records (such as Google, Office 365, etc) but had their 'Email Routing' set to 'Auto' - to eliminate the risk of email delivery being affected, SpamExperts automatically sets the 'downstream' (the destination of where emails are routed), to the 'original' MX records that were in place prior to the MX change.

As such, this means that mail inbound will still reach the destination, but will initially pass through the SpamExperts filters.

For more information on the 'downstream', see the following article...

If you wish to disable SpamExperts entirely, we have a guide on this below...

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